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Robacuum 2800PA Low Noise Cleaner Review – Super Suction, Intelligent Cleaning System

Robacuum 2800PA Low Noise Cleaner is a new age vacuum cleaner with a smart low noise technology. The best thing about this vacuum cleaner is that it can collect both wet and dry dust. The built-in intelligent cleaning system of Robacuum comes with makes the cleaner turn its direction as soon as it collides with the wall or any other thing – cleaning every corner of your home. It also features Airflow Cleaning System that allows you to get rid of all types of dirt like pet hairs, crumbs, indoor dust, spills and more.

Let’s find out more about the Robacuum 2800PA Low Noise Cleaner in this review.

Product Specifications

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of this robot cleaner.

  • Body and Design

Robacuum is an automatic cleaner designed in a robust green and white color plastic body. At the bottom of the vacuum is a sweeper brush that sweeps and scrubs all types of flooring, whether it is marble, wood, tiles, carpeting or chipboard.

  • Battery

It has a rotor which is powered by an energy efficient motor having a 1200mAH rechargeable battery. Moreover, the massive 1200mAh battery keeps the robot cleaner working for 1.5 hours straight – ample time to clean the entire house.

  • Power Suction

A large jet of nozzle plays a vital role in spraying the 2800Pa air flow to clean the dusty area.

  • Humidifier

The Airflow system has a spray function which moisturizes the air in your house to maintain moderate humidity levels.

  • Utilities

The product also comes with a USB cable to charge the device plus a user manual to help you get started!

Selling Point

Robacuum 2800PA is the ultimate choice for when it comes to robotic vacuums. Here are a few main selling points of Robacuum 2800PA Low Noise Cleaner:

1.     Multiple Features

With Robacuum 2800PA’s automatic cleaning, anti-collision and U-turn features you can enjoy a clean and convenient life.

  1. 2.     No Noise

The best thing about this robot cleaner is low noise technology. It rubs the floor at 360 degrees with no noise at all! You can go about your day watching a movie, attending zoom meetings or feeding the kids, while the robot does its job quietly and efficiently.

  1. 3.     Cleans Vigorously

The microfiber wipes absorb the dust spread on the ground with high-speed rotation. The purpose of rotation is to vigorously clean the entire area which comes in the radius. The radius of the cleaning area is 100 meters square, and the usage time is approximately 90 minutes with a single full charge.

  1. 4.     Guarantee

It comes with international warranty and 30-days money back guarantee.

  1. 5.     Compact and Easy to Use

This vacuum cleaner is compact that it can also go under the furniture and clean the areas of your home that are usually ignored. So, your entire house is accessible for cleaning without any hindrance.

Is Robacuum Robot Cleaner Worth Buying?

Robacuum Robot Cleaner has all the functions for cleaning smartly. It can sense the obstacles and has a large cleaning radius. It is powered by a battery with an outstanding usage time, and above all it has HEPA filter which can arrest minute dust particles.

In short, Robacuum cleaner is an outstanding machine for both wet and dry floors. With the high-speed rotor, it can clean any kind of floor. Whether it is price, performance or its particular use, Robacuum is worth the investment. So, get Robacuum 2800PA to add functionality and efficiency in your daily life. No more hassle of moving a large bulky vacuum cleaning machine around the house and no noise!

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