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NEATSVOR X500 – The Smart Cleaning Robot That Will Do Your Job By Itself

NEATSVOR X500 is an efficient smart robot cleaner suitable for all surfaces. The NEATSVOR X500 robot vacuum cleaner consists of 3 cleaning modes. These modes include dry vacuum, wet mopping and auto charge. It has a new generation high suction 3000Pa brushless motor that ensures that your floor is always clean. It comes with new age navigation technology, real-time map, various sensors and a portable compact design.

Here is a quick product review of NEATSVOR X500 robot cleaner.

Product Specifications

Here some key features of NEATSVOR X500 robot cleaner:

Compact Design

The body of the NEATSVOR X500 robot cleaner has the design height limit of only is only 7.5cm, making it super compact and light.  Thus, this robot cleaner can easily move under furniture without getting stuck.

  1. 1.     Obstacle Detections and Anti-fall Sensors

The sensors allow it to automatically avoid obstacles and detect height to prevent from falling down the stairs.

  1. 2.     Water Tank

It also comes with a smart 350ml electronic control water tank for wet cleaning and smart mopping.

  1. 3.     Multiple Features

Some of its highlights include smart connectivity, map navigation, brushless motor, multiple cleaning modes, auto recharge and more.

  1. 4.     N-switch System

Moreover, you can easily switch between the water tank and the dust box through the Nswitch system. It also has an even permeation system which allows it to evenly diffuse water onto the floor during mopping.

  1. 5.     Battery

NEATSVOR X500 is powered by a 2500mAh battery with a usage time of 90-120 minutes.

Selling Points

NEATSVOR X500 robot cleaner is a smart cleaning device that every household needs. Here are some key selling points of ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Cleaning Modes – It comes with both dry and wet cleaning modes.
  • Water Cleaning – The smart electronic water control system thoroughly cleans any floor and has 3 modes: slow, medium and fast.
  • Performance – This robot will continuously vacuum any space for 2 hours.
  • Auto-Recharge – If the robot’s battery is used up, it was automatically return to the charging base through the fastest route. It’ll charge the battery and then come out again to complete the cleaning. How cool is that?
  • Smart Connectivity – Being a smart device, NEATSVOR X500’s new virtual voice technology allows you to easily connect this smart robot cleaner with Alexa or Google Home to perform various voice controls such as stop cleaning, start cleaning, or sending the robot to the charging base.
  • Low Noise – It has a low noise so you will not get disturbed. This is a great feature as compared to straight-up vacuum cleaners that make a lot of noise.
  • Easy to Clean – All the brushes and containers are removal so you can clean them.
  • Smart Controls – To get the full access to its functions, connect this robot cleaner to Wi-Fi so you can control it with the remote control or the mobile app.

Why Should You Buy NEATSVOR X500 Robot?

With NEATSVOR X500, all you need to do it set it up and forget about cleaning your floors again. No hassle of bending down to pick up the mess, no more scrubbing, no more mopping and no more brooming. Whether you have carpet, laminate flooring or hardwood floor, this vacuum will clean them all.

What makes this robot cleaner better than others is its cost; it is one of the best budget-friendly smart vacuum cleaners you will find in the market. So, get yourself NEATSVOR X500 robot vacuum cleaner to clean your house quickly and easily without exerting yourself at all!

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