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A Complete User Guide Review of 2021 LIECTROUX Auto Glass Cleaner: Unique Features of this Product

Glass cleaning is a delicate and tedious job to perform. There are many machines available which can clean glass efficiently, but LIECTROUX automatic glass cleaner is a perfect choice for you to wash and clean glass windows, doors, frosted glass, tile walls and table tops.

Let’s dive into this review of 2021 LIECTROUX WS1080 Auto Glass Cleaner.

What is LIECTROUX WS1080 Auto Glass Cleaner?

2021 LIECTROUX WS1080 Auto Glass Cleaner is a window vacuum cleaner which can operate with manual mode or via cordless remote control. The machine is electrically operated with a battery for portability and comes with smart laser sensor technology. The built-in wiper washer cleans the glass thoroughly for the perfect sparkle. The product is capable of cleaning high ceiling glass as well.

Product Specifications

The machine is compatible with all the momentous features in order to clean the glass efficiently. Here are some key features of 2021 LIECTROUX WS1080 glass cleaner.

  1. 1.     Sleek Design

First of all, the design is smooth and slim to easily navigate and clean the entire surface. The best part is it has a brushless motor for high-speed rotation with low wear.

  1. 2.     Processing

LIECTROUX WS1080 comes with a pre-installed smart electronic chip equipped with a zinc alloy gearing device for high automation and precision. The device almost completely removes the need of human intervention.

  1. 3.     Battery and Suction

It comes with a powerful built-in lithium-ion battery and 2800pa suction.

  1. 4.     Safety and Guarantee

The device has a safety guarantee. It is capable of power failure protection with special elastic safety rope.

Unique Selling Points

LIECTROUX WS1080 Auto Glass Cleaner is unique in all aspects. It has all the necessary features to assist you to clean glass surfaces intelligently. Here are a few benefits of buying this product:

  1. 1.     3-Wipe Cleaning System

The non-aggressive 3-wipe cleaning function of this robot cleaner cleans and wipes of glass surfaces to remover dust, debris and stains.

  1. 2.     Performance

This device can work continuously for over 400 hours. The machine can perform various intelligent functions.

  1. 3.     Safe Alternative

It can clean high ceiling windows outside and replace dangerous human work. No need of hanging over the window, just set up this device and you are good to go.

  1. 4.     Anti-Fall

It has reinforced machine gears which makes the device more stable and durable. Plus, the anti-fall sensor prevents it from falling.

  1. 5.     Remote Controlled Device

Being a smart device, you can operate LIECTROUX WS1080 Auto Glass Cleaner with the remote or from an app on your phone.

  1. 6.     High Quality Built

The internal body of this machine is mostly made of high-grade metal materials. The use of metal increases the heat dissipation rate, which ultimately prolongs its life from normal wear and tear.

Why You Should Buy LIECTROUX Auto Glass Cleaner?

In simple words, this window cleaner will give you a long service life with stable performance. The cleaner assures meticulous wiping with high-end configuration and low noise. It is 100 percent automatic with smart sensors and makes your windows clean without any effort on your part.

You do not have to buy a million cleaning products anymore, no glint or glass shiner needed, simply get LIECTROUX WS1080 Auto Glass Cleaner. This one device is enough to clean all glass windows, doors and even tile walls. So, you no longer have to waste hours scrubbing the bathroom walls or wiping windows around the house.

Make your life easier and add functionality to your house chores by investing in LIECTROUX WS1080 Auto Glass Cleaner!

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