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Kyvol Cybovac EB20MQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Best Choice for Everyday Cleaning

Modern day life is super busy and occupied so home chores are the least priority. So, to minimize such time-consuming human efforts, there are many new devices available in the market today.

The Kyvol Cybovac EB20MQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the best option for efficient and functional cleaning. The maker purposefully designed this robot vacuum cleaner to perform a 2-in-1 job: cleaning hard floors and soft carpet dusting. It is a small yet sturdy device for everyday cleaning.

In this review of Kyvol Cybovac EB20MQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner we will reveal some of its top selling points and why you should get this device!

Product Specifications

Here are some key highlights of Kyvol Cybovac EB20MQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner device:

  1. 1.     Design

Kyvol Cybovac EB20MQ is made up of high-quality plastic with all the necessary sensors incorporated to strengthen the machine with artificial intelligence.

  1. 2.     Battery and Recharge

It has a huge lithium-ion battery of 3200mAh with a backup time of 150 minutes in continuous operation and a smart self-charging ability for working automatically.

  1. 3.     Body

The product has a negligible weight of 5.95 pounds, making it super lightweight and portable. It can easily elevate to 15 mm in height so don’t worry, Kyvol cleaner will easily climb onto floor mats, carpets and rugs.

  1. 4.     HEPA Filters

It has two HEPA filters installed which can arrest those dust particles which can’t be seen from the naked eye.

  1. 5.     360 Degrees Cleaning

With one cleaning brush and four side brushes, this robotic cleaner can perform the task in 360 degrees, leaving every spot super clean.

  1. 6.     Power Suction

The machine can generate 2000 pascal of suction power to catch the pet hairs, hairs, dust, dirt, liquid stains, and food crumbs.

Selling Points

Kyvol Cybovac EB20MQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2000Pa is a spectacular machine in all aspects. Here are some unique selling points ofKyvol Cybovac EB20MQ Robot Vacuum:

  1. 1.     High Tech Device

It has 2-in-1 built-in technology to clean hard as well as carpeted surfaces with automatic sense obstacles feature.

  1. 2.     Mapping and Controls

The best thing is you can direct the machine to stop from going to a no-go area. You can map the floor plan and set cleaning zones. You will have a magnetic strip on the packing list. All you have to do is make a boundary across the restricted area with this strip tied with a 3M adhesive tape (also included in the package). The robot senses the surface of the magnetic strip and alters its direction.

  1. 3.     Voice Command

You can even ask the machine to start with a voice command with no physical touch or remote-control setup.

  1. 4.     Smart Connectivity

It can also work with voice commands on artificial assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

  1. 5.     3 Cleaning Modes

This robotic cleaner has three different modes of operations which are spot cleaning (rotation at a single point), auto cleaning (random motion) and edge cleaning (going through the corners).

Why Should You Buy Kyvol Cybovac EB20MQ Robot Cleaner?

This automatic cleaner is a simple and easy-to-use device with almost no human effort involved. It can go automatically to the charging adapter, get itself powered up, and again ready to do home chores with no hassle and laziness.

It can work efficiently daily and take some burden off your shoulders. In short, a perfect choice at a nominal price just to make your life easier. Its unique features and affordable price, make it a great robot vacuum for everyday cleaning. So, get Kyvol Cybovac EB20MQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2000Pa for a more functional lifestyle!

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