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BowAI: A Superb Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Can Work Without Cords, Batteries And Yet Clean The Floor

BowAI 1200 mAh Cleaner Sweeper is a 3 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner that removes dust particles, pet hairs and crumbs even from places that are not easily accessible. This machine has a strong suction power that can arrest minute dirt particles, leaving your floor sparkling clean. This wireless cleaner can automatically clean all types of floors including carpet, tiles, marble and wooden surfaces. The best thing about this machine is its gripping force and flexibility, which can reach even at the corners of the room.

Let’s find out more about the BowAI 1200mAh Cleaner Sweeper.

Product Specifications

The BowAI 1200 mAh cleaner is equipped with numerous features. Here are some product features of the BowAI 1200 mAh Cleaner Sweeper robot:

1.     Battery

It has a 3.7v 1200mAh batter that keeps the vacuum going for 1 hour straight with 3 hours of charging time.

2.     Low Noise Level

The working noise level of this product is 55 decibels, which is minimal and doesn’t bother much.

3.     Charging

The product comes with USB cable to charge the device and takes 2 hours to fully recharge.

4.     Multiple Cleaning Modes

This robot vacuum is integrated with three special features i.e., sweep, suction, and drag integration.

5.     Built

It is equipped with four brushes having 7 cm working radius and can move in a zigzag direction as well. Moreover, body is designed in such a way that it can reach smoothly at narrow passages where normal portable machines struggle to reach.

6.     Support

You will get a user manual for assistance but you can also contact the customer service for any queries.

Selling Point

Here are some unique selling points of the BowAI 1200 mAh robot cleaner:

  • Anti-Collision

The BowAI 1200 mAh has a unique feature which distinguishes this product from its rivals – called Collision Buffer. The device has a pre-installed smart sensor which assists it to avoid humanized collision. With the help of this smart technology, it can automatically sense the hindrance and the processor instructs the machine to alter its direction of service.

  • Quick Cleaning

This vacuum has a cleaning volume of 90 cubic meters to clean as much area as possible within one hour time. This robot floor cleaner has 2 side sweeping brushes that rotate to suck and remove any dust and dirt on the floor or along the edges of the walls.

  • Obstacle Detection

Probably one of the most the most important things to consider in a robot vacuum is the navigation feature and obstacle avoidance. BowAI cleaner will not get stuck with cords and other clutter in your house because it has a built-in smart chip which assists the machine to avoid obstacles.

  • Anti-Fall

Moreover, it also comes with a fall detection and protection sensor to automatically detect small distances and prevent climbing the stairs or falling down the stairs. It operates completely on electricity therefore; it will cost you a tiny amount and you will only need to replace the filter once it is full.

Is BowAI Robot Cleaner Worth Buying?

The intelligent sensor and powerful cleaning system of this robot vacuum will clean dust, dirt and pet hair effortlessly. Thus, this intelligent device can do all the cleaning work automatically with a little effort and low maintenance. You no longer have to bend over and pick the crumbs yourself or sweep the floor, just turn on the BowAI and let it do its magic!

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