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Aspiradora Automatic Mopping Cleaner Robot Review

Aspiradora Automatic Mopping Cleaner Robot is a great robotic cleaning machine that will leave you house sparkling clean. It features three different modes to mop the floor – wet, dry and extra dry. It is a compact device but it will work perform tirelessly to clean your floors and remove toxins, dust, debris and dirt. It’s unique dust removal technology, cleans the floors without any harsh chemicals. It is truly a revolutionary smart device – cool, convenient and futuristic!

Product Specifications

Aspiradora Automatic Mopping Cleaner Robot has the following key specifications:

  1. 1.     Body

This is a 26×26 cm robot vacuum cleaner with a 5.5cm height – super light and compact. These dimensions make it easier to clean in tight spaces like under the bed, under the sofa, etc. It can easily climb carpets and rugs and clean them properly too.

  1. 2.     Humidification Spray

It also consists of a humidification spray function with a purple indicator light. As the machine moves, it will humidify and moisturize every corner of the room.

  1. 3.     Battery

Aspiradora’s 1200mAh battery allows it to work up to 90 minutes when it is fully charged. It takes 2 hours for this robot cleaner to get fully charged.

  1. 4.     Smart Navigation and Sensors

It features smart navigation which is quite accurate. It also has special sensors like anti-fall and anti-collision sensor. These sensors work like a human brain that will automatically avoid obstacles.

  1. 5.     Mapping

It has one time and two time scanning to map the whole house and do its work with precision according to the environment.

  1. 6.     Utilities

It comes with a dry wipe, a USB cable for charging, and an instruction manual.

  1. 7.     Colors

The Aspiradora vacuum cleaner is available in two colors i.e., White and Dark Green.

Selling Points

Some key selling points of Aspiradora Automatic Mopping Cleaner Robot:

  1. 1.     Multiple Cleaning Modes

The Aspiradora vacuum cleaner robot consists of different cleaning modes i.e., mopping, scrubbing and dry wiping.

  1. 2.     Suitable for Different Surfaces

The scrubbing machine is suitable for almost all kinds of floors such as wood floors, laminate boards, marble, tiles, etc. It also adapts to different floors and different environment for a more worry-free and efficient cleaning.

  1. 3.     Cleans Thoroughly

Even if you have pets don’t worry about it, it removes all the pet hair and even cleans dirty footprints.This vacuum cleans mops and cleans so thoroughly that it leaves behind no crumbs, no footprints, no water stains and no stubborn debris.

  1. 4.     Deep Cleaning

The high-speed engine operation and high-speed rotation of the robot vacuum cleaner results in a high frequency and deep cleaning.

  1. 5.     Low Noise

When it is operational, the engine had no extra power consumption which ultimately reduces the unnecessary sounds and vibrations. You can also enable the silent wipe so it cleans at night without making any noise.

  1. 6.     Return Policy

The product also comes with a 15-days return policy that starts from the shipping date. Your full amount will be refunded.

Should You Buy Aspiradora Automatic Mopping Cleaner?

With so many amazing technical features, an affordable price tag and great customer service, Aspiradora Automatic Mopping Cleaner Robot is really worth a try. It saves you time, money and energy to perform daily chores. Plus, you don’t have to go and buy a million floor cleaning chemicals now, just let Aspiradora do its magic!

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